Outsourced Staffing Solutions


In a bid to cut costs and tackle the attrition challenge, an increasing number of companies are now opting for Outsourced Staffing Services.


Impetus offers the most cost-effective and professional staffing solutions that help you focus on your core operations. We endeavour to rid you of mundane, non-core tasks and workplace hassles. After all, staff management shouldn't become your core activity! At Impetus, we precisely see to it.


When you entrust us to handle your staffing needs, you free yourself from an array of responsibilities, which gives you extra elbowroom to concentrate on your core business issues. Impetus offers you the versatility of engaging staff on a purely need basis. Moreover, they are our employees. As such, we carry all the associated overheads and responsibilities, offering you several advantages that include freedom from -


A) Spending time and money on recruiting and selecting staff


B) Worrying about statutory compliances and registrations


C) Running regular payroll programs and making payouts


D) Being burdened with unproductive employees


E) Wasting resources on administrative trivia