Why Impetus?


For organizations that are inspired by performance and growth, Impetus Placements comes across as a trustworthy name that facilitates in maximizing their business goals. Our mission is to offer you Recruitment Solutions and a host of Allied Services in the most resource-optimized way.


Our clients stand to gain immensely from our solid set up that features several distinctive attributes. We are capable of consistently performing and delivering throughout India with emphasis on speed and efficiency. Our time-bound results enable our customers to honour commitments in turn. We have a dedicated team of experienced search consultants, career advisors and other experts who are highly skilled professionals, capable of performing even in the most challenging circumstances. We have a proprietary database of competent candidates at all levels and we use a highly sophisticated DBMS. Osur operations are supported by the latest technological tools for delivering that exclusivity, which our clients have now come to identify us with.

  Our fine- tuned methodology...

•  Candidate Search - This is one approach to reach out to candidates who fit the bill. Our team of dedicated professionals uses excellent search tools to deliver only the best candidates in tune with your expectations.

•  Sourcing - We suggest the most effective media mix for publicizing the openings at your organization to job aspirants out there. We support the advertised selection process by proactively coordinating with creative/media agencies. We also have the competency needed to collect information off the Internet for use as a recruiting tool to source active and passive candidates.

•  Screening - Filtering out the best-fit profiles from the large accumulated set is a time and effort-intensive task. We help you optimize on time and cost by performing detailed candidate screens. Value-addition in the form of significant notings provides you with important decision-making information that is outside the scope of the CV's contents.